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All the blade designs for Bear Paw Knives are currently based on designs programmed into the CAD program that were developed by either myself or family members and friends.  Bear Paw Knives are built by hand, one knife at a time. This results in minor variations in each knife produced, even though they are the same model. The result is that each Bear Paw Knife is an individual and unique expression of the maker's art.

Blades - Bear Paw Knife blades are fabricated using the stock removal knife making method.  Bear Paw Knives D-2 blades are created using a CNC Plasma cutter that relies on programmed image designs.  Custom knives can be created to a customer's specification, however there will be a set up charge, as well as possible additional fees if the design is exceptionally complex. One of a kind knives not made from D-2 can be ordered on an individual basis as well.  Bear Paw Knives does not currently forge knife blades.

Handle Materials - Handle materials for D-2 knives include the following natural and man-made materials:   

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Elk or Deer Horn Box Elder Linen Micarta
Paper Micarta Purple Heart Mahogany
Paduk Walnut Desert Ironwood

One of a kind or special order knives can combine any of these materials or other unique materials. The Mt. Reynolds knife design does not require any handle materials at all.

Construction - D-2 knives are full-tang construction; with handle scales attached using adhesives and mechanical fasteners such as screws, pins, and rivets.  Because of their construction, full tang knives are very durable but even very durable knives can be damaged by abuse. Throwing, pounding on either the blade or handle, or using the knife as a pry bar, may result in damage or destruction of the knife.

Sheaths - Sheaths are locally manufactured from quality leather, with either double stitched or fully riveted construction.  Most sheath designs are pouch type and many have snapped straps. All sheaths are gusseted with spacers, and are specially designed to follow the hip when the wearer is seated for ease of wear while driving vehicles, ATV's or on horseback.   This design also enhances wearer safety in the event of falls or unexpected dismounts from horseback or ATV's, as well as protecting the knife from loss due to falling from the sheath. 

Custom Orders - Bear Paw Knives accepts custom orders on an individual basis depending on the complexity and difficulty of the customer's wishes.  Unique handle treatments, modified blade designs, unique sheath treatments, including names or initials, or a combination of these options are all possible. Customers who wish to order such options should allow more time for delivery (4-6 weeks usually) and should expect to pay an additional amount for these special orders.  One of a kind knives such as the Bowies, fighting knives, camp knives, Dirks, etc. that are built on an individual basis can also be custom ordered. Because these knives are built on an individual basis, their cost is already higher and the price for such an order will be negotiated at the time the order is placed.

Created by: Phil Moen

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