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These sites are a listing of companies that I regularly do business with for purchasing supplies materials and equipment. These companies all offer excellent, prompt service. and I highly recommend them.

Industrial Abrasives Co.

Industrial Abrasives Co. manufactures superior quality abrasive belts, in a variety of grits and sizes. They also feature a "buy 1 dozen belts get 12 belts free" offer on all the popular belt sizes.

Kasco Corporation - Butcher Supplies, Meat Cutting Parts and Service

Kasco Corporation is a St. Louis-based manufacturer of meat cutting blades, grinder plates and knives and a distributor of butcher shop, meat room and deli supplies.

Jantz Supply

Jantz supply has a variety of knife making supplies and accessories as  well as equipment for gunsmithing.  Their prices are competitive and their service is excellent.

Knife and Gun Finishing Supplies

K & G Finishing Supplies as a variety of knife making supplies and accessories as  well as equipment for gunsmithing.  Their prices are competitive and their service is excellent.


Etch-o-matic is a maker of electro-chemical marking equipment and supplies. The staff at Etch-o-matic really go out of their way to work with customers.

JET Tool and Equipment

Jet manufactures a high quality line of wood and metal working tools for home and industry. Jet sanders and buffers are very high quality machines at very affordable prices.

Warthog Sharpening System

Warthog manufactures a superior form of knife sharpener, ideal for all types of knives. For more information, contact Ross at warthogross@yahoo.com or at 1-503-245-4744.

Martial Arts Equipment

Swords, blades, Samurai swords, Japanese katana / swords, Arwen sword, Elven sword, Fantasy knives and martial arts equipment.

Alpha Knife Supply

Alpha Knife Supply is a dealer of knife making supplies which sells all of the materials to make high quality knives. Several online links about material safety and services are also a part of their site.

Angus-Campbell Laminates and Plastics

Angus-Campbell, Inc. is a manufacturing and distributing business specializing in short run supply and fabrication of industrial plastics. They carry all forms of Micarta, G10, Delrin, and many other synthetic composite materials.

Montana Knifemakers Association (MKA)

This is the official site of the Montana Knifemakers Association. Members, show information, contact information, and links are provided here.

United Abrasives (SAIT)

United Abrasives manufactures industry-leading abrasive products which include coated abrasive belts, abrasive wheels, resin bonded wheels, and other products.

Cratex Abrasives

Cratex is a manufacturer of specialized abrasives products used primarily for metal, glass and lapidary conditioning and finishing. Cratex has been in the business of manufacturing rubberized abrasives for approximately seventy years.

United States Metal Suppliers

This is a search listing of numerous metal suppliers in the United States.  The list covers steel, brass, and many other metal types.

Created by: Phil Moen

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