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If you see a knife that you are interested in that has been sold, please keep in mind that I will be happy to build a similar knife for you.

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#1 skinner with Mule Deer horn - SOLD

#1 skinner, custom bone/Ebony handle - SOLD

#1 skinner with Paduk wood - SOLD

#1skinner with Elk horn

#1 skinner with Mahogany

#1 skinner with Box Elder wood

Combination skinner/hunter set - SOLD

Mt Reynolds skinner

#1 skinner with Purple Heart - SOLD

Ryan Butte skinner with Paduk

Custom #1 skinner with Buffalo bone and Ironwood scales - SOLD

Mt Otis skinner with Ironwood



Long George with Walnut - SOLD

Centennial hunter with Micarta - SOLD

Stud Horse with Ironwood - SOLD

Long George with Deer horn and composite pins - SOLD

Stud Horse with Walnut - SOLD

Stud Horse with Maple Burl - SOLD

Custom hunter from Stud Horse blade with Mahogany

Snake Butte with Elk horn

Centennial hunter with file work and Snakewood scales

Centennial hunter with Lacewood/Paduk


Kitchen Knives


Hungry Hollow with Micarta - SOLD

Henckels chef's knife fitted with custom Elk handle scales - SOLD

Custom paring knife from Centennial blade with Paduk - SOLD

Hungry Hollow with Ironwood - SOLD

Centennial kitchen knife with Paduk


Custom Knives

Damascus skinner with Box Elder - SOLD

Viking Dagger with Pine sheath and Maple handle - SOLD

Arabesque knife

225Q with custom handle & polish SOLD

Full custom using Centennial blade - SOLD

10 in. bowie with elk & sheath - SOLD

8 in. bowie with copper, ebony

heavy duty camp knife - SOLD

Scottish Dirk with horn handle

Tiger Ridge combat knife - SOLD

Tiger Ridge with combat unit designation

Custom blade blank, 10 blade order


Created by: Phil Moen

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